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To learn more about our products and services, contact the sales manager in your area. Our team of experts is ready to answer any questions and provide you with the information you need.

Green America Recycling’s Team

Matt Nelson – Director of Green America Recycling
Phone: (573) 248-4516
Email: Matt.Nelson@greenamericarecycling.com

MaKayla Robbins – Business Development Manager
Phone: (217) 820-1456
Email: Makayla.Robbins@greenamericarecycling.com

Angela Dillman – Customer Service Manager
Phone: (573) 248-0730 ext. 3068
Email: Angela.Dillman@greenamericarecycling.com

Annie Pipes – Customer Logistics Manager
Phone: (573) 248-0730 ext. 4024
Email: Annie.Pipes@greenamericarecycling.com

Mariah Daughtery – Customer Service Coordinator
Phone: (573) 248-0730 ext. 3029
Email: Mariah.Daughtery@greenamericarecycling.com

Kelly Behrens – Customer Service Coordinator/Sales
Phone: (563) 327-2577 (office) or (563) 570-0157 (cell)
Email: Kelly.Behrens@greenamericarecycling.com